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Parent Coaching Tips: Is Your Child “Test Anxious”????

Parents:  Take this QUIZ to find out.


1.  Is your child aware of being really nervous on a test, so nervous that they don’t do their best and lose points, even though YOU know your child has studied well and is prepared?


2. Does your child’s stomach ever get tied up in knots before or during a test?  Hands cold and sweaty?  Headaches?


3. Does your child have trouble sleeping the night before a test? …Maybe even have nightmares about failing the test?


4. Does your child ever vomit before a major test? Mind race?

…Or brain dull or “murky”, so that they can’t think clearly either before a test or while taking a test? Have a conversation with them     before you answer this question.


5. Does your child ever forget, during a test, material they have studied, only to remember it again later after the test is over?


6. Does your child rush through the test and make careless errors?


7. Has your child had some bad experiences with math tests… Made poor grades when they didn’t expect them?


8. Does your child spend a lot of time and energy studying and preparing for tests, yet fail to make grades that represent what they know?


9. Does your child lack self-confidence as a math student because of a perceived fear of failure?


10. Are math tests a particularly miserable time for you as the parent?


“YES” answers to more than two questions suggest that your child may be “test anxious”. They could benefit from a regular relaxation practice session.  Think of these coaching sessions as Yoga for Math Anxiety Relief.


Remember:  Parents are their children’s most important life coaches.  You know your child best.  If you answered YES to more than two questions on this quiz, you are ready to become your child’s parent coach in the relaxation exercises that follow.


Of course, everyone is anxious about tests; if your child weren’t, they wouldn’t try.  A certain amount of tension acts as a motivator.  But your child may suffer from nervousness which is so severe that two things happen:  their grades drop because anxiety interferes with their mental processes and keeps them from doing their best.  AND their quality of life is compromised, and miserable—and so are you!


Read the book by Dr. Margaret M. Desjardins,

Murky, Quirky, Beserky Math, and discuss math feelings and strategies from this humorous approach to math anxiety.


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