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Six Steps to Kicking Procrastination to the Curb

Parent Coaching Tips:  The Six Steps to Kicking Procrastination to the Curb!!!!

Step One:  Make math meaningful:


What is important about this math assignment your child has been putting off?  List the benefits of completing it.  Be specific about the rewards for getting the math done, including how your child will feel when they’re done!


Step Two:  Take it apart:


Break the math problems up into a series of smaller steps.  If a list of 25 math problems intimidates your child, divide the problems into small chunks, say five problems at a time. After each problem has been done, cross each one off so the child can see their progress.


Step Three:  Write it down:


If your child can’t seem to get started on the math assignment, you might write down a plan on a 3x5 index card.  “I plan to complete at least 5 problems in fifteen minutes.” Reward your child with 10 minutes of guilt-free I-pad time.  Post the index card onto  the refrigerator where they will see it often.


Step Four:  Tell all:


Announce publicly your plan to get the math assignment done.  Have your child tell a friend they plan to learn the times tables (say the 3, 4, and 5 tables) by a certain date.  Make the world your child’s support group.


Step Five:  Find a reward:


Construct rewards carefully.  Be willing to withhold the reward if your child does not complete the task.   Don’t pick a movie as a reward for studying math if you plan to go to the movie anyway.  And when your child legitimately earns their math reward, ask your child how it feels.  Coach them to be able to express feelings of success.


Step Six:  Do it now:


The minute you notice your child procrastinating, have them plunge into the task.  Have them visualize themselves getting the assignment done.  Gradual immersion is sometimes slow torture.  It is often less painful to leap into the assignment.  Then be sure to coach them to savor the feeling of having the task behind them.


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Murky, Quirky, Beserky Math, and discuss math feelings and strategies from this humorous approach to math anxiety.


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